Gamma is an international High IQ Society founded in the UK in 2020. The society is open to everyone whose IQ is in the top three percent of the population or in the 97th percentile on a supervised standardised IQ test given by a certified professional.

This is equivalent to

  • Wechsler scale (SD 15) = IQ 129
  • Stanford-Binet scale (SD 16) = IQ 131
  • Cattell Cultural Fair scale (SD 24) = IQ 147

Gamma’s Story

The name ‘Gamma’ comes from the third letter of the Greek alphabet. Gamma has the value of 3, which represents the IQ at the top 3 percent of the population. 

In addition, Gamma is the most subtle and optimal frequency of brainwaves. It has been directly linked to increasing IQ and overall brain power. It is highly activated when the mind is in the states of sharp deep focus, high virtues and mental awakening.  

To that end, Gamma members reflect individuals who have demonstrated higher levels of intelligence, brain power and mindfulness.

Gamma Society

Optimal Intelligence

Optimal Brain Power

Optimal Mindfulness

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