Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question. We believe anyone can improve their intelligence and cognitive ability no matter what their starting point is.

DeepGamma and Gamma High IQ Society believe in supporting people to reach their full intellectual potential. Our members can enjoy the private and exclusive network of highly-gifted individuals, exchange ideas, share professional knowledge and learn from one another while our non-members can also have access to our informative articles across various topics related to the brain and intelligence on the website.

We also have fun brain teasers and puzzles on our Facebook Page for anyone who is up for the challenge.

What we do :


Provide friendly online community to its members where thought-provoking ideas are raised and shared. 


Empower people to become autonomous learners, build confidence and encourage a life-long learning lifestyle.


Support education opportunities for children in need worldwide

The brain is a muscle that can move the world.

– Stephen King